Savoring Sustainability

Welcome to the brand new, official site of Cache Creek Nursery! Based in Rumsey, California, we are one of the largest organic plant nurseries in all of Northern California!

Founded in 2004, we have one goal: provide our customers with the highest quality vegetables through sustainable and organic practices.

While many companies will simply slap on the terms “organic,” and “sustainable,” here at Cache Creek those words guide us everyday. In order to raise the healthiest, safest, and freshest vegetables we have established a transparent process for our customers to see the true origin of their favorite vegetables.

What We Don’t Use

  • Synthetic Pesticides
  • Synthetic Fertilizers
  • GMO’s
  • Hormones
  • Antibiotics

What We Do Use

  • Manure for fertilization
  • Pesticide free control of disease, insects, and weeds
  • Conservation of water and soil
  • Minimal external inputs

These practices listed above allow us to provide the highest of quality vegetables for you and your family, vegetables you can confidently serve each and every day.

Our nursery itself is located just a few minutes from central Rumsey, giving you an authentic farm experience without the long drive. There’s no reason to make any other stops for your vegetables either, as we have every vegetable you will need for a perfect addition to any meal. Our crops include: tomatoes, carrots, cauliflower, beans, peppers, broccoli, lettuce, kale, cabbage, and the list goes on.

Now our fresh, ripe vegetables aren’t the only thing we sell here at Cache Creek Nursery. We are also now offering seeds for every single one of our vegetables, from celery to onions. Whether you are looking to create your own mini organic farm, or simply want a few plants, Cache Creek is the place for you. While this process may seem daunting to some, take comfort in the fact all of our employees have over five years of organic agriculture experience. Our founder, Barry Martin, has been leading the organic initiative for over 25 years now, needless to say expertise is our specialty here at Cache Creek.

So come swing by for a visit today! Whether you’re an organic pro, or want to start eating from sustainable sources, there is no better time to check out our inventory! As famous chef Alice Waters has said, “Let things taste the way they are!”

If you would like more information on our innovative practices, or have questions about our vegetables, please reach out! We are so pleased to be here in Rumsey, and are excited to see you soon!