Ensuring your growth is organic while avoiding pests and chemicals in greenhouse kits

Once your greenhouse is set up, you are free to grow organically, right? That is true to a certain extent, but there are still things to consider. A greenhouse protects your plants from many of the things for which we use chemicals, but it is not foolproof protection.


The first thing that cannot be completely controlled by a greenhouse environment is pests. They simply find a way into the greenhouse. It’s not like there’s an air-locked set of sealed doors guarding the entry. Slugs and snails are carried in by people with pots or boxes where they can attach unnoticed. Aphids are small enough to get in because they don’t react to the greenhouse as a barrier (due to size). Even mice will make a home in a greenhouse. The biggest thing to remember is to keep it organic.

One great way to keep pests out is to isolate plants outside of the greenhouse until you are sure that they contain no pests. Also, using preventive construction like screens and doors helps to keep the greenhouse from exposure. Pesticides should be a last resort, and a conscientious gardener may want to start with a soapy mixture to keep the bugs away.


Make sure to buy organic soil or sterilize the soil yourself to ensure it has no harmful additives, fertilizers, or other harmful compounds. To sterilize your own soil, put moist soil in an oven bag and cook it at 170 degrees for 30 to 45 minutes.


This falls into the same category as soil, as you must know what was composted in order to ensure it is organic. If you buy it, make sure it is labelled organic or comes from a trusted source. If you make your own compost, make sure you are not adding anything to the compost pile that contains chemicals.


Every garden gets them. Seeds are carried in on clothing or sneak their way into soil and mulch. To prevent weeds organically, one can spread newspaper slightly underneath the top of the soil to act as a weed barrier.

The decision to grow an organic garden prevents the plants from containing harmful chemicals that can be hazardous to one’s health. Greenhouse kits¬†help organic growing options, but they do not fully remove the risk of pests and chemicals from outside sources. These can only be mitigated with careful attention from the gardener. With hard work and attention to detail, the organic gardener can grow a bountiful crop without the assistance of harmful chemicals.