Nursery & Gardening Resources

SARE- Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education is an organization completely devoted to the innovation of agricultural practices, focused on making farming more sustainable.

National Gardening Association- An invaluable site for beginning or experienced gardeners, here gardeners can find tips and information on making their next harvest the best yet.

USDA– The federal government’s department of agriculture, a great resource for anyone looking to stay up to date on important research and topics concerning the world of agriculture.

Better Homes and Gardens- This massively successful magazine is one of our favorite publications, take your garden to the next level with their wonderful articles.

Growing Magazine– Another great magazine, here you can find a myriad of tips on growing your own garden. We also love their emphasis on sustainability!

Organic Life– Created by Rodale’s, this blog is 100% devoted to organic gardening and healthy eating. With eating and gardening tips, Organic Life should be bookmarked by everybody.

Organic Farming Research Foundation-  This foundation is all about advancing the idea of organic farming. With education, policy work, and extensive research, the foundation seeks to bring organic farming to the minds of all Americans.

Nursery Management- Here is another favorite publication of ours, assisting nurseries with important news and business tips, we certainly couldn’t live without it.

Are we missing anything?

If you feel we are missing an important link, or you have one of your own, we would love to hear from you!